Our fellows

The NAPALI Fellows are taking on leadership roles in some capacity, either in their workplace, their family life, or their community. Occupation fields of NAPALI Fellows:


Where do NAPALI Fellows serve?


• University of Hawai'i

• Utah State University

• University of Washington

• Microsoft

• Pacific American Foundation

• Lions Club

• Maui Invasive Species

• Fishpond Association of Maui

• Weyerhaeuser Foundation

• US International Trade Commission

• US Fish and Wildlife

• Ka'ala Farms

• Samoan Language Commission

• National Tongan American Society

• BYU-Hawai'i

• Boys and Girls Club

• Hawaiian Civic Club Association

• American Psychological Association

• Kapi'olani Community College

• Salt Lake Community College

• University of Utah

• Board of Public Charter Schools

• Mana Academy Charter School

• Community Colleges Leadership Development

• Relay for Life

• Guam Bar Association

• Saipan Judo Association

• Asian Association of Utah

• Urban Indian Health Institute

• McNair Scholars Program

• Washington State University

• Presidential Management Fellows Program