Date: July 12-20, 2018

Honolulu, Hawaii

If you are an individual who has demonstrated leadership abilities, who has a proven record in community work to improve the lives of Pacific Americans and other indigenous people, and is well-versed in public policies and contemporary issues affecting Pacific Americans, the NAPALI leadership course can take your leadership skills to the next level.


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The National Pacific American Leadership Institute conducted its inaugural class in June 1998 in partnership with the internationally and nationally acclaimed Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management at Claremont, CA. Since then, 210 Fellows have graduated from NAPALI.


• Class of 1998 - Hiapo "The Elders of the Family

• Class of 2000 - Wa'alua "The Second Canoe"

• Class of 2001 - Ngalu e Tolu "The Third Wave"

• Class of 2002 - Langi Tu'o Fa "The Fourth Level of Heaven"

• Class of 2003 - Na Iwa I Ka Lima Pono "The Iwa in Good Hands"

• Class of 2004 - I Tasi Mau a Mau Mana Moana "The Ocean Perpetuated in the Mana of the Moana People"

• Class of June 2005 - Ho'ala Hou "The Reawakening"

• Class of October 2005 - Kahu Ho'ilina "Protector of the Heritage"

• Class of June 2006 - Hemo Wai "Release the Water"

• Class of October 2006 - No Na Pua "For the Children"

• Class of 2007 - Moana Ho'okahi "One Ocean"

• Class of 2008 - Na Haumana Havao Mo'na Qayao Moana "The Power of Knowing moves the ocean student   forward"

• Class of 2009 - Chitak le loko, emon le fatu "One Heart, One Soul"

• Class of 2010 - Uluaki Fa..Kua Ka Hoe I Ke Kai "In the beginning...dip your paddle in the ocean"

• Class of 2011 - E Ala, E Alu, E Ku'ilima "Arise, Go Forward Together Hand-in-Hand"

• Class of 2012 – Lo’imata o na koa  “The Tears of the Warriors” (view gallery)

• Class of 2013 - Ka 'Uhane o nā Kūpuna "The Spirit of the Ancestors" (view gallery)

• Class of 2014 - A 'ohe hana nui ke alu 'ia "No task is too big when done together by all" (gallery coming soon)

• Class of 2015 - Makawalu - Interconnectedness

• Class of 2016 - Na Lamaku o ka Pakipika "The Torches of the Pacific"



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