Date: July 12-20, 2018

Honolulu, Hawaii

If you are an individual who has demonstrated leadership abilities, who has a proven record in community work to improve the lives of Pacific Americans and other indigenous people, and is well-versed in public policies and contemporary issues affecting Pacific Islanders, the NAPALI leadership course can take your leadership skills to the next level.


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PROFILE: 'Anapesi Ka'ili

Ngalu e Tolu | Class of 2001



'Anapesi Ka'ili is a transnational Tongan American raised both in Tonga and Utah.  She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Utah State University, a Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis on Bilingual and Multicultural Education from Northern Arizona University and is completing her PhD in the Department of Education, Culture and Society at the University of Utah, where she teaches in the Ethnic Studies Department.

The Mission of the National Pacific American Leadership Institute (NAPALI) is to identify, train, and nurture Pacific American Emerging Leaders. NAPALI is unique in that it conducts the only leadership program in the nation that integrates the leadership values of Pacific American cultures and Western Society.


The National Pacific American Leadership Institute educates and trains emerging Pacific American leaders to build upon traditional cultural values in understanding, harmonizing and applying leadership theories and skills necessary for achieving personal and professional growth, greater responsibilities, and a higher level of service to our communities and country.




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